Subsea Metrology

EGS offers marine construction contractors various
different options for construction barge positioning
including stand-alone vessel positioning and remote
anchor management systems.

EGS Positioning and offshore Construction Survey Support Services

Dimensional Control Surveys
Array planning
Frequency planning
LBL calibration
High accuracy subsea installation and ROV tracking
Spool tie-in
Inertially aided acoustic subsea positioning
Provision of ISO drawings

LBL Metrology

Dimensional control of subsea structures and onshore construction components

EGS offers both terrestrial and subsea laser scanning. Dimensional Control and monitoring services, utilizing proven engineering survey techniques and modern survey equipment , can provide substantial benefits to any project both onshore and offshore.

Dimensional control applications:

  • FPSOs, TLPs, SPARs, Semi-subs, Jackets, MinDocs, Compliant Towers, Onshore
  • Pre-fabrication of Hook-up Spools
  • Like-Kind replacement of Equipment and Piping w/complete 2D/3D detail drawings
  • Fabrication verification surveys for steelwork and pipe
  • Clash/Interference surveys for the replacement or installation of mechanical components
  • Deformation Analysis
Key project benefits from implementing Dimensional Control Survey management include:
  • Reduced design, re-work and shutdown times
  • Reduction of man-hours in potentially hazardous areas and activities
  • Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated items
  • Elimination of multi-handling of components
  • Availability of archived data
  • Elimination of re-design during installation
  • Minimize fit-up issues that result in schedule/budget overruns

LBL Subsea Metrology

Long baseline (LBL) positioning has many applications both commercially and in research, from surveying a ship hull to positioning offshore platforms in deeper waters. The technique consistently provides accuracies in the order of decimetres over large areas, independent of depth. Recent advances include the integration with other acoustic techniques or with inertial navigation systems for greater levels of accuracy.

EGS provides the following LBL metrology services:

  • Array planning
  • Frequency planning
  • LBL calibration
  • High accuracy subsea installation and ROV tracking
  • Spool tie-in
  • Inertially aided acoustic subsea positioning
  • Provision of ISO drawings

In the ever demanding Oil & Gas sector, EGS offers bespoke reporting services, including near real-time offshore delivery by integrating data processing with charting facilities onboard.

Subsea Installation Survey Support

In addition to high accuracy surface vessel positioning, EGS owns a range of acoustic tracking and measurement equipment, that can be seamlessly integrated into the barge or installation vessel’s survey systems.
Combined together, Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) and Long Baseline (LBL) equipment provide a high accuracy solution for subsea positioning including ROV operations, diver-less metrology and spool piece design. For high accuracy positioning of ROV in deepwater environments, Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) can be integrated with LBL and other sensors to provide a solution to ensure the client’s specifications are achieved.

Subsea Installation & LBL Positioning

LBL Calibration With USBL

ROVINS for LBL Positioning

GyroCompatt Deployment

The co-operation and working relationship between all parties during all phases of this project has been a text book example of how to conduct survey operations etc.

Holland, Geoff

I just wanted to take the opportunity presented by the end of survey data acquisition activities to say thank you and well done on the excellent performance of the EGS team through the execution of the works to date. Whilst I’m mindful that there is still much to do in terms of tide gauge recovery, data processing and deliverable preparation – the performance of all personnel involved to date from EGS and Broadsword has been exemplary and particularly, the professionalism and attention to detail of the site team. It’s also been particularly pleasing to see this complicated and challenging scope completed in such a competent and hassle-free manner.

Rhys Jones

I would like to thank you for this excellent survey. Your team was professional and knowledgeable. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Philippe Hubert

On behalf of TOTAL E&P PNG and InterOil, we would like to express our gratitude for the efficient operation of the survey as well as safe and timely return to Port Moresby. It was a pleasure working with you all on the ground. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Anton A Safronov


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