EGS Values Gender Equity

The EGS Group is committed to improving and promoting gender equality and diversity in the workplace through strengthening recruitment and retention practices to foster a high-quality workforce reflective of the gender diversity of their global forces and promoting gender-inclusive and participatory decision-making.

The above photo was taken by the client – who, motivated by environmental protection, is promoting the study of mine tailings deposited in the continental adjacent to Doce river mouth, off the State of EspĂ­rito Santo, Brazil.

In its turn, EGS Brazil has been awarded a robust scope to acquire and process geophysical and oceanographic datasets (one vessel) and carry out ground-truthing (box-corer, drop-corer and grab sampling) along the coast spanning more than 130km. The vessel in the photo DRS Ipaname is owned and operated by Dracares.

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