EGS completes a submarine telecommunication cable route survey for Farice ehf

Örn Jónsson (Farice), T. Sveinsson (Farice), Örn Orrason (Farice), S.Starr (GDG),Capt. Estrada, S.M.Kwok (EGS), E. Ranete (EGS), and the RV Ridley Thomas, Rejkjavik Harbour, August 2021

The EGS Group was contracted by Farice ehf in Iceland to conduct a submarine cable route survey for a new system connecting the west coast of Ireland to the southwest region of Iceland.

The objectives of the survey were to acquire high resolution geophysical and detailed geotechnical data for route and burial assessment.

The work was undertaken by EGS’ survey vessel, the RV Ridley Thomas, and was completed in two phases, the first taking place throughout September 2020, the most recent, and final, covering a 12 week period from July to August 2021.

Approximately 7,400 survey line kilometres were completed during the course of the project, covering water in the depth range of 15 to 2,900m.

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