EGS Awarded HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) Torres Strait Tidal Infrastructure, Queensland, Australia

In December 2020 EGS was announced as the successful survey contractor to undertake the three-year Commonwealth HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program (HIPP) Survey Instruction 1000, Torres Strait Tidal Infrastructure.

In accordance with HydroScheme, the aim of this task is to improve the accuracy and reliability of tidal information in the region for the safe navigation of international shipping and domestic commercial vessels and to enable the development of the Hydroid Model.

EGS will be utilising six EVIA tide buoys equipped with state of the art environmental sensors and positioning equipment. The significant variability in the mean sea level and the complexity of the tidal regime, mainly due to seasonal weather cycles and tropical cyclones are the main challenges of this project. EGS will establish GNSS base stations to support the accurate positioning of the buoys.

The tidal information is set up to be made available to the Navy and other HIPP contractors involved in surveying the Torres Strait during the period of deployment and beyond. Internally logged data will be transferred to EGS office facilities in Perth through satellite telemetry with regular downloads.

A full-time EGS environmental manager will be based in EGS’ new office on Thursday Island and oversee the deployment, regular maintenance, and data streaming. The project’s survey components will be managed by an AHSCP level 1 accredited surveyor for the duration of the project.

EGS will work closely with AMSA and the Torres Shire Council to facilitate the project in a professional, safe and respectful manner.

The long term goal of the project is to help develop the AUSHYDROID which will allow hydrographic surveyors and other end-users to transform geospatial data referenced within the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) between tidal (Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT)) and ellipsoidal (GRS80) vertical datums. More information about AUSHYDROID is available on the ICSM website.

This is EGS’s second survey campaign for the HIPP. “This is a challenging and interesting project allowing for significant development of the EGS team in Australia. It is a privilege to be working for the HIPP again so soon after completing the SI 1010 survey in the approached to Broome” emphasised Anthony Pyne, EGS’ General Manager in Australia.

“We have worked hard since the very beginning of the HIPP tendering process to present our best solution, strategically aligned with HIPP technical and logistical interests as well as Commonwealth’s Australian industry capability (AIC) criteria. This is a significant project for EGS, and we do our utmost to deliver our best technical solution during these challenging times,” remarked Kam Austine, EGS’ Business Development and Technical Manager.

The HydroScheme Industry Partnership Program is the commercial acquisition program that undertakes focused hydrographic survey activities to contribute to national charting priorities. The vision for HIPP is to undertake an efficient, effective, and sustainable hydrographic survey, oceanographic and marine geophysical data collection program through a partnership with Industry to deliver a dedicated nation-building effort. More information is available on the Australian Hydrographic Office Website.


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