EGS Commence a Cable Route Survey across the English Channel for Crosslake Fibre’s new CrossChannel Project

EGS have commenced a full spread geophysical survey of a proposed new telecommunications cable route across the English Channel, using their offshore vessel ‘EGS Pioneer’. Once complete the vessel will be reconfigured to perform a UXO survey of the same route.

EGS’ client, Crosslake Fibre, are developing their latest cable installation project to support the increase in bandwidth requirements. The demand from telecoms, enterprises, content providers, as well as financial, gaming, and media companies requires high capacity, low latency connectivity. The high fibre count, non-repeatered system will contain 96 fibre pairs, each providing over 20 terabits per second of capacity throughput. The Cross Channel Fibre project will be ready for service in Q4 2021.

‘EGS Pioneer’ will soon be joined on the project by the company’s coastal survey vessel ‘EGS Echo’, which will be acquiring data in the nearshore area of each landing on either side of the channel. An additional ‘nearshore team’ will carry out beach surveys to ensure that a contiguous dataset is obtained between each BHM location.

The final phase of the project will be a shallow geotechnical investigation along the route using the vessel ‘Coastal Enterprise’ – a 39m Multi-cat with DP0 to hold station during operations. Survey operations are due to be completed in September.

EGS is very pleased to be able to support Crosslake Fibre on this project; the first next-generation subsea cable to be built across the English Channel in nearly 20 years.

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