EGS begins Summer ‘River Crossing’ Survey Campaign

This summer, a team from EGS is travelling the length and breadth of the UK carrying out inland waterway surveys on behalf of National Grid.

This summers’ requirement is to survey approximately 150 river crossings from as far South as Somerset to as far North as Aberdeenshire. The field work commenced at the end of June and will be completed around the end of August

The purpose of each survey is to monitor the condition of National Grid’s pipeline infrastructure and includes Topographic surveys and Depth of Burial using pipe locators and CIPS measurements (with assistance from Cathodic Protection Ltd.).

No two river crossings are the same, so the team is equipped with an assortment of equipment and flotation craft, the favourite of which, on a hot summers’ day, has been a floating raft! This year’s campaign carries on from 75 crossings which were surveyed last year and a further 100 crossings which are scheduled for next year. The onsite teams particularly enjoy the challenges and variety that each crossing provides.

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