EGS completes a 10 months geotechnical stint in Taiwan for Ørsted and Formosa 2

Geotech - Orsted

The EGS Group completed a series of geotechnical campaigns on offshore windfarms in Taiwan using the DP2 Geotechnical Vessel Greatship Rachna equipped with EGS’s latest high-performance EGSA-25 twin derrick geotechnical drilling rig. The vessel worked continuously for 10 months in Taiwanese waters on 3 geotechnical campaigns for 2 separate clients.

The first investigation was for Ørsted Greater Changhua offshore wind farms where EGS successfully acquired over 1,000m of downhole CPT data for foundation designs in Q3 2019. The project was completed safely, safely completed on time despite working through the challenging typhoon season.

The second project was for Formosa 2 off the Coast of Miaoli County, jointly developed by JERA, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, and Swancor Renewable Energy. The scope of work consisted of acquiring downhole CPT data for jack-up leg penetration assessment prior to the start of installation activities. EGS acquired downhole CPT data in extremely challenging and highly variable geological conditions ranging from soft clay to indurated cobbles and boulders. The work was safely carried out during the North-East monsoon when strong seas and high winds were experienced.

The third campaign was again for Ørsted offshore Changhua County and the scope of work consisted of acquiring additional downhole CPT data for foundation design studies. EGS acquired close to 1,000m of downhole CPT data averaging over 100m of high-quality data collected per 24 hours. Despite taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, the project started on schedule and was safely completed on time thanks to the robust COVID Contingency Plan implemented throughout the EGS Group.

The EGS Group, through its Taiwan Joint Venture company, will continue providing geotechnical services to offshore wind developers throughout 2020 while the Greatship Rachna will relocate to another market.

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