EGS to Complete the Geophysical Survey of Seychelles’ Second Submarine Cable

EGS Survey Vessel, the RV Geo Resolution has completed a geophysical and geotechnical survey for the second submarine cable of Seychelles to support the construction of a branch on the PEACE system which connects Seychelles to the main network. The survey started from Mombasa Kenya down to the landing point at Perseverance beach, on the northeast side of the main island of Mahe.

This submarine cable is the second fiber optic cable, after the first one – the Seychelles East Africa System connecting Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – that landed 10 years ago. This system was also surveyed by EGS using the Research Vessel Ridley Thomas.

An integral part of the cable laying process is undertaking the seabed survey to understand the topography and geomorphology of the seabed for purpose of the further engineering of the most suitable route that the cable will be laid on until it reaches its landing point.

EGS GeoReosultion is a dedicated Geophysical survey platform with all the required survey sensors to support survey operations of 24 hours for months in the ocean. EGS’s capability on near real-time report delivery by integrating data gathering and processing with a state of the art onboard charting and reporting facility will help the clients to meet the time constraints for their engineering requirements onshore.

EGS’s hydrographers are leaders in MBES data acquisition and processing and provide high-quality data to the onboard team of specialist geoscientists. Our team of geoscientists is skilled and experienced in the interpretation of the various MBES data products and integrating the results with sub-bottom and side-scan sonar data sets to accurately map the seabed and pick high-value targets of interest.

Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) project is a subsea cable network that will provide a cost-effective, diverse route for the escalating demand for capacity among Asia, Africa, and Europe. This 15,000 km long submarine cable system, provides open, flexible and carrier-neutral services for its customers.


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