The Marine Survey for Huawei Marine’s PEACE Project is Underway

[Tianjin, China, May 2, 2018] Huawei Marine has announced today that the marine survey for its PEACE (Pakistan & East Africa Cable Express) project is now underway. The PEACE submarine cable system will connect Pakistan, Djibouti, Kenya, Egypt, and other countries along the Red Sea with a total system length of 8,800km

The project was signed in November 2017 and is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Huawei Marine is working with its long-term partner EGS (Asia) Limited to conduct a hydrographic and geophysical survey of the seabed along the planned cable route. EGS’s survey vessel the RV Ridley Thomas has arrived in the region to commence offshore survey operations.

Zhang Hongxiang, Project Director for Huawei Marine said: “Implementation of the PEACE project has reached another important milestone which is testment to our project delivery capabilities as Huawei Marine continues to provide efficient, high-quality network solutions for our customers. Our 200G WDM technology that will be deployed in the PEACE cable system will support the rapid development of the East Africa regional economy and facilitate connectivity between Asia, Africa and Europe”.

Chris Welsh, CEO of EGS Survey Groupstated that: “It is a great honor for us to participate in the PEACE submarine cable system project and work once again in partnership with Huawei Marine. EGS brings more than 25 years of extensive cable route survey experience and adheres to the highest professional standards. We are delighted to contribute to the construction of the new information highway.”

In the photo, EGS Survey Vessel RV Ridley Thomas.

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