EGS Survey starts survey in Chilean Patagonia

EGS’s Survey Vessel RV Geo Explorer approaches the mooring at Puerto Montt, Chile for the commencement of survey operations

EGS Survey commences survey work for the digital highway in the Chilean Patagonia using RV Geo Explorer. The cable system Fibra Optica Austral (FOA) links the southern city Puerto Montt to the Patagonian cities of Caleta Tortel, Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams. Before FOA, EGS’s vessel conducted survey operations for an international system that will bring international connectivity to Chile.

Paola Tapia, the Chilean minister of transport and telecommunication, states during her visit to the RV Geo Explorer that the FOA system improves the internet connectivity and avoids internet blackout in the southern part of Chile. The system is an example for future development projects that the new Chilean Government needs to support.

The FOA cable allows the company Comunicación y Telefonía Rural S.A. (CTR) to improve the rural terrestrial infrastructure and gives the right to internet access to remote communities in Patagonia.

The on board team of RV Geo Explorer will endeavour their best to accomplish the survey operation in such remote areas where weather conditions are expected to be marginal most of the time.

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