EGS Group Surveyed The Second Deepest Oceanic Trench

The Tonga Trench is an oceanic trench located in the south-west Pacific Ocean. It is the deepest trench of the Southern Hemisphere and the second deepest on Earth. The fastest plate tectonic velocity on Earth occurs as the Pacific Plate is being subducted westward in the trench.
Southern Cross Cables, which presently has two high capacity subsea cables with 20Tbps of capacity, has partnered with EGS, a global specialist multi-disciplinary offshore geophysical survey firm, to undertake the survey of the NEXT route, which has been designed to provide “the quickest path between mainland United States, Australia and New Zealand”, a company statement read.
The NEXT survey which is about to be completed by EGS survey vessel Geo Resolution, mapped more than 12,500km of the proposed route from Sydney, Auckland to Los Angeles. Several Pacific Island countries are on the route and the Tonga Trench, the second-deepest point on Earth with a depth of 10,882 meter, has also been surveyed.

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