EGS Innovation

The organic structure of the EGS group of companies plays a very significant role in the innovation process, which always been emphasied on within the group. The prerequisite of innovation in EGS include the EGS resources such as human capital, accumulated knowledge, material and financial resources.

EGS Seismic Products

C-Products a leading innovative technology

EGS has developed an industry leading lightweight seismic system to enhance shallow water seismic profiling results. This system comprises of a low voltage boomer (C-Boom) and a seismic receiver (C-Phone), surface towed together to produce excellent geophysical data. The C-Products system is becoming the seismic system of choice for industry professionals.


Our 400 Volt boomer system is the lowest voltage boomer system in the market place. It is lightweight and compact, opening up a whole new world of seismic exploration. It is the perfect tool on small inshore craft as well as larger open water vessels. It retains all the functionality of traditional boomers yet offers a number of key benefits including the quality of its data – some of the very best in the world.

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The C-Phone offers many features that are not found on other hydrophones. It is shorter, more portable and better protected against electrical damage than most other hydrophones on the market. The system has extremely high sensitivity (-144dB re 1V/uPa), built in band pass filtering and the signal is transmitted differentially up the cable to further reduce system noise.

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How the C-Products range can reduce your survey cost

C-Products a leading innovative technology

The critical part of a seismic survey is to obtain the maximum geological information with decimeter resolution and maximum penetration. The C-Boom is tuned to produce very high resolution and deep penetration.
The C-Boom is lightweight, compact, easily transported and can be mobilized within minutes. It is ideally suited for very shallow water inshore small boat surveys and equally competenet when used for deeper water surveys beyond the 100m contour. The system is safe and cen be used confidently by any surveyor.

Quick Mobilization

No Engineer on Site

Robust and Reliable

Easily Portable

Fit for Small Boats

Competitively Priced